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First Time Buyers?

I got this terrific question today…Sandi Square Buyers 2

Hey Sandi! I was wondering if you also help people buy homes? We are currently looking to buy, but really have no idea what direction or where to start. I thought I’d give it a shot and see if that’s something you do as well, or if you are able to point in the right direction?
Thank you!


Why yes, I can also help people buy… and would love to help you!

The first step is to find a lender to work with to pre-qualify you for a loan and establish the budget. Do you have a relationship with a bank or credit union, or would you like some suggestions? I know someone who works over at Ross Mortgage and that could be a nice place to start.

Danielle Boote/Ross Mortgage

Since you are first time buyers there should be some cool programs available. If we need to we can also look at other creative options like a land contract (higher down payment but an option in some cases where getting a mortgage isn’t possible) and things like that.

The next thing once we know budget (and how much money you’ll have to put down, or what considerations we’ll need to make a deal work and the loan go through) we’ll want to look for what you want in a property. So these are the next questions you should get together answers on:


Areas – Cities:

Looking for in town, or out in the country:

Style of house?

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms?

Do you need a garage/outdoor storage?

Do you want a house or a condo?

Anything else that is of interest to you? We will want to rough out the must have’s and then the would be nice to have’s so we can start looking.

Also, download my real estate app to your phones and you can have up to the minute live searching capabilities too!

This is awesome! Congrats!Sandi Square App

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