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Tips For Home Buyers/Sellers When It Comes To Finishing Your Basements.

Deciding to finish your basement may be one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to your home’s value, although, when completed poorly it could be a very bad decision. Use these tips to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will benefit your home’s value as well as giving your home a competitive edge over your neighbor’s home.

Far too often we see homeowners who have caught the HGTV bug and attempt to finish their basement all on their own without the use of professional, licensed contractors. Just because it looks easy on TV doesn’t mean it will be easy in your home. The most common mistakes seen in a “handy man” renovation of a basement is poor floor plan, cheap look and feel, and poor trim and ceiling construction. There is a lot that goes into a basement renovation that is unknown to the average home owner. A newly renovated basement that is completed improperly can be seen as an eye sore, money pit, and can be harmful to a home’s value rather than being seen as an asset. Use these tips to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will benefit your home’s value as well as giving your home a competitive edge over your neighbor’s home.

1)    Done to code. Basements finished by the homeowner often have issues with things such as electrical. In many instances we have to go in and tear out brand new wiring because it is improperly installed. Having a licensed electrician install your electrical for you will ensure it is to code and avoids issues such as electrical fires.

2)     Make it your lower level, not a basement.  Your basement should be an extension of your home and a space that you want to spend time in. A well designed basement can allow the space to be enjoyed and used efficiently while still allowing for plenty of storage space. For example; using similar hand rails, cabinets, and hardware from the upper floors of your home can allow the basement to feel more like the rest of your home instead of a basement.

3)    Do it right the first time. A basement finished with poor materials or patchy work can result in a space that needs to be redone in the future. Even worse, a basement that has not been properly installed can show signs of water damage, heat loss, and mold. Without the use of materials that are designed for basement spaces, these issues will nearly always arise at some point in the future, near or far.

Finished Basements Plus

Before: Just a Basement

Finished Basements Plus

After: Lower Level Entertaining

Whether you are looking to find more usable space in your current home or you are selling your home and are looking to add value, finishing your basement, the right way, is always a good solution!

If you are looking for a finished basement solution, call our friends over at Finished Basements Plus – Amy, Steve and their team will help you make your space amazing!



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