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Sandi Maki

Legendary Real Estate – a Boutique Firm
Sandi Maki - Real Estate Broker, Michigan

Sandi Maki

Sandi Maki

I joined the real estate industry as an office coordinator in 2000. I was in the industry full time, and soon became licensed and quickly rose through the ranks to become an Associate Broker, helping many sellers navigate marketing choices to get their homes sold, and helping buyers find the home of their dreams. Many, Many years of business experience later ~ who is counting?…I am the founding Broker and lead marketer of Legendary Real Estate, a Boutique firm that launched in the fall of 2015. Every home has a story – we tell them well.

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I’ve been active in Social Media since before it was cool. I’ve met some really cool people along the way, including:

Rock the Kasbah Red Carpet Event in Hollywood

Deck the Halls LACASA Benefit

InSights Holiday Gala 2011

{Sept 9, 2014} Walking into the office, where I spend most of my time, you’ll see subtle messages of philosophy mixed in to an eclectic mix of pool supplies, bold colors, artwork, and smurfs. Many newcomers ask “Who is John Galt?” when they see the strategically placed stickers and movie posters that take up prominent space on the walls.

It’s no secret that Al Curtis and I have plenty of connections in the business world and the swimming pool industry, thanks to our experience, artistry, and immense knowledge base. But our team isn’t limited to industry contacts! Thanks to our large network of connections, and our support of various philanthropic efforts, Al and I landed in the middle of another movie premiere! At the Atlas III movie premiere in Las Vegas we were among the first to watch the movie with the actors and producers, as well as a group of fellow Ayn Rand enthusiasts, before it’s theatrical release nationwide on 9.12.14.

The movie is based on the Book Atlas Shrugged, written in 1957 by Ayn Rand. The book is written for the day after tomorrow, and is just as relevant today as when it was written. It is an intellectual and conceptual roller coaster that is a great mind adventure. When you reach the end, you’ll have no doubt formed some new perspectives and challenged your own ideals. I have, and it has been life changing, with some fun and excitement sprinkled in along the way. – Sandi

“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders-what would you tell him to do?”

“I . . . don’t know. What . . . could he do? What would you tell him?

To shrug.” -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged



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Sandi at Legendary Real Estate handled our home purchase in Flint Township this past summer. We had a bit of a difficult seller to deal with, but Sandi and her team handled negotiations and some snags with skill and expertise. In the end, the closing went... (more)


Before contacting Sandi, I was completely overwhelmed as a first time homebuyer. I didn't even know where to begin! I contacted Sandi in hopes that she would be able to help us with the home buying process, and match us with the perfect home for me and my... (more)


Sandi went above and beyond on my first home purchase. While there were times that the other parties involved in the transaction were dragging their feet a bit, she always let me know what was going on and kept me up to date about what the next step in the... (more)

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