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9 Reasons to Downsize to a Smaller Home

Contemporary Condo Master Bedroom SuiteMany people today are downsizing their living space for a variety of reasons.  Baby Boomers who have empty nests just don’t want or need a half-empty home to maintain.  They are instead opting to downsize into something smaller.  Some people are recognizing that more isn’t always better and are choosing to use their income for other areas of interest in their life. Whatever your reason, here are 9 reasons why you may be happy in a smaller home.

  1. Easier to Maintain:  A smaller home requires less of your time, energy and effort to accomplish tasks that need to be done.
  2. Less Area to Keep Clean:  Obviously, less space should take less time to clean.
  3. Less Expensive to Live In:  Along with paying monthly for less square footage, utilities, taxes and insurance will all be greatly reduced.
  4. Mentally Freeing:  To have less debt, it is actually very freeing and allows you to focus on other fun opportunities in your life.
  5. Less Environmental Impact:  A smaller home requires less resources to build and maintain. Adding a few solar panels could free you up even more.
  6. More Time for Yourself:  With less time for maintenance, cleaning, etc., you will find you have more time to spend on other interests that really matter to you.
  7. Encourages Family Bonding:  With less space, there will be more interaction with other family members.
  8. Eliminates Accumulation:  Having a smaller space forces you to eliminate many of your unused belongs and makes you think twice before making additional purchases.
  9. Wider Market for Resale Value:  A smaller home is more affordable which makes it perfect for First Time Home Buyers, Price Conscious Buyers and for Empty Nesters.

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